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Nick Binedell is recognized for his expertise as a speaker, consultant, and academic in the field of strategic leadership. His focus is to assist individuals and organisations in developing their ability to create sound strategic direction and effective execution through business coaching.

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Professor Nick Binedell uses a variety of techniques to share and evaluate your strategy, industry context, your market as well your organisations structure, systems, culture and leadership that will assist you to build a competitive advantage of your organisation.

“It’s no good having the right direction unless you have the ability to execute. It’s no good being able to execute unless you have the right direction. These two dynamics are at the heart of effective performance and strategic leadership.”

Nick Binedell

Founder of Infinity

About Nick Binedell

Professor Nick Binedell is a well-known lecturer, speaker and business advisor who has worked with leading companies in South Africa and around the world. He was the founding dean of the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) from 1998 – 2015. He remains an adjunct Professor at GIBS and for the past 25 years has lectured at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. Professor Binedell has spent 30+ years in the Business Education field, starting his career as a lecturer after a stint as a General Manager for GEC Equipment Pty. Ltd, a company in the Barlow Rand Group.

In addition to his professional and business activities, Professor Bindell is engaged in activities of a public nature, including working closely with civil society organisations to improve South Africa’s prospects. He is a trustee of the Helen Suzman Foundation. He is currently a non executive director at Omnia Holdings Limited. 

He retains a high appetite for study and research and is deeply aware of the dynamic rate of change in which individuals and organisations operate. Professor Nick Binedell is an international speaker and has collected multiple degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Washington, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cape Town, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Rhodes University.

He is the past president of the South African Business Schools of Association (SABSA). He served 2 terms as Chair of the South Africa Business School Association. (SABSA). In 2015, he was voted as Global Educator of the year by the Academy of International Businesses.,

Nick Binedell

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Why The Infinity Logo?

The infinity logo represents the infinite dynamics between organisations producing services and products and the markets that utilise them for value in a dynamic, ongoing relationship.


What We Provide

With an array of services in business consulting and business advisory, Infinity is confident in helping your company elevate to new heights through innovation, enterprise strategy and implementation.

Investing in the strategic planning services offered by Infinity will help you to define your organisation’s vision for the future and identify your company’s objectives and goals. Our strategic management will help you to establish the order in which you should realise these goals to ensure your business thrives.

With help from Infinity, you can create a growth strategy for your company that gives it new purpose. It will also answer whatever questions you may have about your firm’s plans over the longer term.

Thought leadership will give you the kind of expertise and industry perspective you need to inspire and influence your team. Contact Professor Binedell to discover the exact keynote speaking topic that will best meet your requirements.

With the right business speaker, your keynote will deliver an actionable plan to your employees. This will make it possible for them to achieve their career goals and reach those you have for your business far more easily. Listeners will leave sessions more focused on reaching milestones and ready and able to implement the changes they need to make to grow and progress in their field.

Business advisory services by Infinity will deliver improved flexibility and boost your profit margins.

Expert business advice benefits all types of companies, no matter whether they are large corporations or small start-ups. Professor Nick Binedell ensures that you are equipped with the capacity to make good decisions that prioritise your goals and meet your financial needs.

Infinity will also guarantee that any potential risks are properly managed as we uncover a strategic voice that will guide your business and financial goals to satisfactory results.

Infinity will grow your potential with business coaching, executive coaching, and leadership coaching. Our coaching methods are designed to help you build an enduring, impactful, profitable working legacy.

Individual-level change on a company-wide basis is best effected by coaching services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a solution to a one-time problem or need help with issues over a longer period. Whether it’s a particular person or a style of management that you need help with, Infinity can get you what you want.

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Head of Infinity, Professor Nick Binedell is an expert in the field of strategic leadership and has played a leading role in business education in South Africa in the last 30 years.